The Miracle Month Monlam

March 5, 2023

From March 4, 2023, the tenth day of the Month of Miracles during which the highly skilled and boundlessly compassionate Buddha Shakyamuni manifested miracles in order to tame the six tirthika teachers in Shravasti, the tulkus, lamas, khenpos, and the entire monastic community of Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat are holding a seven-day Monlam, a prayer festival for the thriving of the Dharma of all traditions, long life and flourishing of enlightened activities of its lineage holders, and for the well-being of all living beings in general, especially of the living and deceased connected to our monastic seat. Offerings of over 200,000 butter lamps and recitations of The King of Prayers: The Aspiration for Excellent Conduct and other aspirations are being dedicated for the pacification of sicknesses, wars, famines, and other adversities of the present degenerate time and for the establishment of boundless joy and prosperity.

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