The Elaborate Vajrasattva Heart Practice Drubchen

April 7, 2023

From March 28, the monastic seat’s vajra master presided over this year's ten-day grand drubchö ritual of the Elaborate Heart Practice of Vajrasattva at the main shrine hall of the Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat.

The vajra assembly of practitioners who had completed the required mantra accumulation, along with tulkus, lamas, khenpos, and the entire monastic community, conducted this great accomplishment ritual based on the mandala of Vajrasattva, the embodiment of all Buddha families and the supreme among countless deities, by following the essential instructions on the performance of this ceremony. They began by consecrating the land, establishing the boundary, drawing the mandala, and arranging its ornaments, which was followed by visualization, meditation, and recitation practices of the actual sadhana, carried out in six sessions throughout the day and night, along with additional practices of Vajrakilaya, the Gathering of Secrets longevity sadhana, making tsa-tsas, offering water tormas, reciting sutras, and other rituals to dispel obstacles on the path. The Vajrasattva drubchen was then auspiciously completed with the fire puja to amend mistakes and accomplish the four activities, as well as receiving the siddhis and the butter lamp prayer.

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